Operational, Financial, and Risk Dashboards

How to manage the performance and monitor the risks of the company?

The training will be based on real and recent cases of companies on which the Professor has been directly involved. Easy-to-use management dashboards to unite the teams will be presented. Benefiting from a practical toolbox, the accounting expert can at best advise companies (ETI, SMEs, Major Groups), to build synthetic tools facilitating decision-making and creating value for the company and shareholders

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Version Française

Language of instruction: English

  • Supports provided in English
  • Familiarization with Anglo-Saxon accounting and financial terminology

Public, participants

  • Professionals working in an accounting firm
  • People wishing to open up to an operational and financial logic


  • Real and recent cases
  • Put into practice
  • Simulations and decision-making
  • Council & Advisory oriented

Training materials

  • Real and recent cases systematically provided with detailed correction
  • Synthetic methodological notes containing the studied concepts
  • Business game: simulation, decision-making, simulations
  • Supports provided in English and dematerialized


  • There is no prerequisite for this training
  • The basic fundamentals will be reviewed at the beginning of the day, allowing non-specialists to follow easily

Objectifs professionnels

  • Strengthen corporate consulting activities for Chartered Accountants
  • Move from an accounting logic to a performance management approach
  • Build efficient simple dashboards
  • Master notions of value creation for the company and the shareholders


Contenu détaillé

1. From an accounting logic to an operational approach

  • Moving from the balance sheet to the economic balance sheet
  • Monitoring and interpretation of free cash flow and operational levers

2. Operational Synthetic Dashboard: The DuPont Model

  • Taking into account all the stakeholders of the company
  • DuPont model: decision support and valuation tool

3. Value creation matrix for shareholders and the company

  • Determination of the expectations of the shareholder
  • Economic profitability and financial profitability

4. Monitoring value creation in the context of investments or acquisitions

  • Determination of the discount rate and optimization of investments
  • Value synergies and value creation in the acquisition framework

5. Credit note, “Bank of France” grade, dialogue with banks

  • Simple methodologies to determine the credit score
  • Liquidity risk and solvency, dialogue with capital providers

Réf. : 18GES904

Durée : 1.0 j. (7h00)

Profils participants

  • Expert-comptable
  • Commissaire aux comptes

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